30th Anniversary As a Society

Our Society should have celebrated our 30th Annivesary with a grand party in June of 2020, but like everyone else, the COVID pandemic forced us to cancel those plans. We commemorated years 30, 31, and 32  in June 2022.

One part of our 30th Anniversary recognition was very successful.  We had a capital fundraising campaign to cover the costs of repairing and renovating our museum building at 3640 Warsaw Avenue which, like all old buildings and houses, always needs work. The campaign exceeded even our own wildest expectations, raising over $30,000. We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts all members and friends who contributed both small and large amounts to this fund. Again because of pandemic limitations, we are still working on creating a brass plaque recognizing all our contributors, which will be hung in the main room of our headquarters. We believe the success of our campaign came in large part from the fondness people have for growing up and living in our Price Hill neighborhood. Once again, thank you!