Books of Local Interest From Our Bookstore

The Price Hill Historical Society & Museum has launched its own publishing arm - Bold Face Press. The company's name dates back to the origins of Price Hill. Once upon a time, the neighborhood was called Bold Face Hill in honor of a Native American chief named Bold Face. In its long history, the Society has published more than a dozen books with other publishers. Now it plans to use Bold Face Press to publish one or two of its own titles a year, as well as helping other community organizations in Price Hill and the West Side get their works in print.


The Price Hill Historical Society has many local history books for sale. Order the books listed here using PayPal by clicking the Add to Cart button for any of the books.  We'll send your order as quickly as possible. Call us at 513/251-2888 or contact us via e-mail at if you need more information.

An Ideal Way to Fly

An Ideal Way to Fly by Roy Hotchkiss is the latest 1940s adventure of Price Hill’s favorite private detective, Ed McCorkel. There’s something going on around Prout’s Corner . . . something fishy, Ed thinks. But then he is called away–by no less than First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt–to investigate a murder on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He returns to Price Hill in time to unravel the Prout’s Corner mystery, too. Order this 238-page book for just $12.95, including tax, plus $3 shipping.


George Remus and an Ideal Retirement

Whatever happened to all of George Remus's millions? No one knows for sure, but Roy Hotchkiss imagines where it might be hidden in this new short story about the King of the Bootleggers and Price Hill detective, Ed McCorkel. It's Ed's first case, a treasure hunt. The 40-page story also has some Remus biography and is $5.50, including tax, plus $2 shipping.




Remembering Remus in Price Hill

Almost a century after George Remus ran one of the most extensive bootlegging operations in the country from Cincinnati’s west side, his name still has the ability to conjure up images of a gilt-edged mansion with a sleek modern swimming pool and other Jazz Age excesses. For a few golden years, lived Gatsby’s dream—he was the “King of the Bootleggers.” Order your copy of Remembering Remus in Price Hill, a 40-page book filled with the life and legend of George Remus, for just $7.95, including tax, plus $2 shipping.





An Ideal Way to Die

An Ideal Way to Die by Roy Hotchkiss was  the first novel published by the Price Hill Historical Society, in conjunction with Edgecliff Press. The action starts at the Ideal CafĂ© in Price Hill, near Prout’s Corner, and the protagonist is a mild-mannered insurance salesman who finds himself suddenly working as a private detective. It's a great adventure set in 1940s Price Hill and environs–a must read for all Price Hillians! Order your copy of this 206-page book for just $12.95, including tax, plus $3 shipping.




Price Hill Saloons
Price Hill Saloons and Much, Much More! by Larry Schmolt, a joint publishing project of the PHHS & Museum and Edgecliff Press, is still available! This 160-page book is a look back at the watering holes (with photographs, cartoons, and lots of old ads) across Price Hill's history, right up to the present day, plus a lot of good stories from the author, who was a former coordinator of our Society. Order your copy for just $14.95, including tax, plus $3 shipping.


The Collected Old Curmudgeon
This is a publishing project from the PHHS and Edgecliff Press. Get your copy of this book, featuring more than one hundred of the great columns Roy Hotchkiss writes every month in our newsletter, all collected in one great-looking book. This book is a little different from our previous publications ("Never let history get in the way of a good story" is Roy's motto), and we think you'll enjoy his look at the lighter side of history and current events. The 132-page book is $15.95 including sales tax, plus $3 shipping.


Price Hill: Images of America
Price Hill: Images of America

is published by Arcadia Press and features more than 100 photographs of Price Hill, with descriptive captions. Written by Christine Mersch with the PHHS & Museum, this book chronicles the history of our community through the many intriguing images in our Society's archives, and makes a wonderful gift for anyone with ties to Price Hill. The 128-page book is $21.99, plus $3 shipping, and ordering the book from us helps support the Price Hill Historical Society & Museum.


Price Hill, Its Beauties and Advantages

Price Hill, Its Beauties and Advantages as a Place of Residence, was originally published in 1894 to promote Price Hill as the finest suburb in the city. The 32-page book is a snapshot of our community one hundred years ago, and it highlights schools and churches, fine residences, clubs, and amenities in Price Hill. This book was reprinted in a limited edition of 500 copies with permission of the Cincinnati Historical Society. The reprint edition costs $20, including tax, plus $3.00 shipping.


Prism  features comprehensive histories of eight churches in Price Hill, including information about the founding of each church, the building of former and current churches, and the mission of each congregation. The book was originally written in conjunction with a tour of Price Hill churches sponsored by the Price Hill Historical Society & Museum, and there are sketches of each of the church buildings accompanying the histories. This 32-page book costs $5, including tax, plus $3.00 shipping.

The Games We Play

The Games We Play is a compilation of the rules of almost three dozen games which are guaranteed to add a little old-fashioned fun to your life. In addition to the rules of play, there are also several pages of reminiscences about games and playmates in Price Hill in years past. This is a 28-page volume, complete with an index of games, and is only $4, including tax, plus $2.00 shipping.


The Price Hill Incline
Although it closed more than 60 years ago, the Price Hill Incline remains a symbol of the neighborhood, and history of the Incline is presented in a 20-page paperback booklet, The Price Hill Incline. From its construction and opening in 1874 through the addition of the second freight incline, to its last days in the 1940s, learn about Price Hill’s fabled Inclined Plane. The booklet is only $4, including tax, plus $2.00 shipping.


A History of Seminary Square
A History of Seminary Square Eco-Village was written as the Society's contribution to the Seminary Square Eco-Village Collaborative, an effort to revitalize a 50-block area in the eastern part of Price Hill. Seminary Square refers to the two seminaries that were once located here. This book traces the history of the area, including sections on stately homes, parks, schools, churches, famous residents, businesses, and organizations. The cost of this 50-page book is $5, including tax, plus $3.00 shipping.